…Breakfasts, with Alex Horne

I met up with Alex backstage in Crawley, prior to a Horne Section gig. Once more, I forgot to take a photo with my victim, erm guest, so here is a photo of me (when I realised this fact) and a photo of Alex from an unspecified time in the past…

The musical act that Alex mentions, is called Jon Bellion. You can find him on Instagram/Twitter @jonbellion.


Alex’s Pancake Recipe

Sieve 150g of white flour. Pop in three eggs, 500ml of milk, a pinch of salt and some olive oil. Whisk it up and that’s you done!

I’d have thought it would need cooking, but what do I know?

I wish I’d bought shares in lemon juice when we mentioned it, as on the way home from out recording, I found this in a shop…

And finally, the Bellybusters cafe logo and shop front is here…

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