The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

My journey is one of many tasks.  Some large, some huger.  The tasks have been set in the fabulous book Taskmaster – 200 Extraordinary Tasks for Ordinary People by Alex Horne.  As a young lad, I wanted my job to be a The Krypton Factor contestant.  Now I’m grown up (and there’s no longer a The Krypton Factor), I want to be a Taskmaster contestant.  So until I write my Eddie award-winning, widely acclaimed Edinburgh Comedy Festival performance and launch my comedy career, this book will get me in shape in the meantime.  I’ll be logging my progress here and will flag some spoilers up, in case you, Dear Reader, are also participating.  Regrettably though, there will be some outcomes that I’ll only be able to allude to, as either the task or my own sense of mischief prevents it.   I hope you have as much fun laughing with or at me, as I’ll have filling my pathetic, useless life with pointless endeavours.   Nathan